Bass fishing is in a class all by itself when it comes to freshwater. Regardless of their size, bass give an awesome fight like you would find fishing offshore. Fortunately, when compared to offshore fishing, freshwater bass fishing is much less expensive. You also can go out on a moment’s notice if you have your gear in order.

While you can fish for bass from shore or a dock, having a boat helps you reach the best spots.

Unlike offshore boats, bass fishing boats can be as simple as a canoe or dinghy. However, the best ones will have certain items and features that will make your time on the water fruitful and fun.

Continue reading for 8 items and features all awesome bass fishing boats share.

  1. Cushy seating – Standing up all day can get exhausting, which is why all good bass fishing boats will have comfortable seating so you can take a break. Awesome bass fishing boats though will have a cushy chair on a swivel that will allow you to continue fishing and easily move around to make a good cast or fight a bass.
  1. Storage compartments – When you go out for even just a few hours, you want to be able to keep your gear stowed away. Stumbling over tackle boxes, fishing poles and life jackets will get really frustrating really quickly. Large storage compartments allow you to keep things organized so you don’t lose them, and stowed away so you don’t get frustrated and kick them in the water.
  1. Open deck – Facilitated by good storage but important in its own right, an awesome bass fishing boat will have an open deck where you can easily move. If you hook on a healthy bass, you’ll need some flexibility as you wear him down and bring him to the boat. A good open deck also provides space for preparing bait or lures. In the end, who wants to be on a cramped deck? We all like our space. 
  1. Good drainage – Awesome bass fishing boats also have good drainage for keeping any water off the deck. It’s inevitable that water will get into a boat. Without good drainage though, it will collect in a certain spot in the boat. Having wet feet all day doesn’t make for a good fishing trip. Therefore, having a way for any water to drain away is important for keeping the deck, and your feet, dry.
  1. Electric trolling motor – Fish, and especially bass, are easily spooked. Any noise that seems out of the ordinary to them will raise alarm bells. Many boats will have an outboard motor that can help get you quickly to your spot. However, the noise from these motors can spook fish away, which is why a good electric trolling motor is needed for getting around your fishing spot or moving along a river bank for example. Without one, you’ll need to try and steer your boat with a paddle and fish at the same time.
  1. Fish/depth finder – Awesome bass fishing boats will also come outfitted with a state-of-the-art fish and depth finder. These devices use sonar to tell you what’s in the water and how deep it is. They won’t tell you the type of fish you’re looking at, but they will show any features like rock outcroppings or holes where you may find a bass. Depth finders are useful too so you can ensure you’re not in water that’s too shallow.
  1. Canopy – Being out on the open water means you’re out in the sun all day, which can get quite uncomfortable in the summer months. Therefore, a good canopy provides a little shade so you can fish more comfortably. If a light rain shower comes in, a canopy will provide a little shelter. Many boats come with a canopy built in, or you can fabricate one to your boat.
  1. Eager passenger(s) – The final thing all awesome bass fishing boats have is eager passenger(s). You’re out there to relax and have fun. No boat is fun, regardless of how many features it has, if the passenger(s) are unhappy. If you’re out there and not getting the results you like, remember that even the most experienced anglers have bad days and that “a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.”

Like we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t take much to get out and do some bass fishing, but having these 8 items and features help make a trip more enjoyable, productive and safe.

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