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Cobia Fishing

Cobia are notorious for wrapping lines around buoys and wreck structure, most anglers use 30-pound-test line or heavier. Once clear of obstructions, however, even large Cobia can be successfully fought with spinning, baitcasting and fly tackle—although a minimum of 10-pound line or tippet is advisable.

Jigs and large streamer flies are the most-used artificials. Spoons and swimming plugs often work well; you might wake them up with a surface plug, popper or tube lure. Live bait fish, such as Pinfish, Mullet, Cigar Minnows, Grunts and Jacks work best, but live shrimp, crabs, dead fish or squid are good too.

In Sarasota you can expect to find Cobia trailing along with large rays on the flats. Though seasonal, usually available from Spring to Summer, Cobia fishing heats up about the same time as the Tarpon run. Cobia is a great species to sight fish, and can put up n awesome drag screaming fight once hooked. We hope you choose us to make your Cobia Fishing trip a trip of a lifetime.

Cobia Fishing in sarasota

Good cobia fishing in the open waters of Sarasota usually begins in late March and continues through the summer, with the last fish (except the few still going to the power plants) departing around the end of October.

About Cobia

With a broad, depressed head, elongated body, and powerful tail fin, the cobia (Rachycentron canadum) is often mistaken for a shark.

The cobia is dark brown, with a creamy underside and two silver or bronze lines streaking along its side. It has a reduced first dorsal fin comprised of numerous small spines, and a more elongated second dorsal fin and anal fin, which both run half the length of the body. This carnivorous fish also has a large mouth armed with an array of small teeth, and a swollen lower-lip that protrudes past the upper-lip.

The cobia feeds primarily on crabs, squid, and fish. It will follow larger animals such as sharks, turtles, and manta rays to scavenge. It is a very curious fish, showing little fear of boats.

The predators of the cobia are not well documented, but the mahi-mahi is known to feed on juveniles and the shortfin mako shark eats the adult.

As a Cobia Sarasota fishing guide, Rob understands that a day on the water means stalking the trophy fish of your dreams. Rob will work hard to make sure you have a fun filled day on the water and your time is not wasted.

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