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Flounder Fishing

Flounder inhabit a wide variety of coastal habitats including brackish water rivers, tidal creeks, bays, estuaries, beaches, muddy or sandy bottoms and near-shore rocky bottoms. Anglers generally use light spinning tackle and often target flounder close to shoreline structure including stumps, dock piles, seawalls and bridge piles, which are good points of ambush. Flounder are ambush predators that feed primarily by sight – so it is often helpful to periodically bump the bait across the bottom to make it more visible.

Flounder like to hide and ambush their prey, so the trick to catching them is to move enticing bait across their path and wait for them to strike. Since flounder lie sideways on the ground, it takes a few extra seconds for them to get a grip on the bait. Before reeling the fish in, wait about 5 seconds to make sure its mouth is definitely hooked.

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Flounder Fishing in sarasota

The take is usually abrupt – the fish lunges out and inhales the bait. After that, the fight goes downhill. No runs, no jumps – flounder are not tough-guys, which is probably one of the reasons they’re so tender on the table.

About Flounder

The Gulf flounder, Paralichthys albiguttata, is a species of saltwater flounder. The Gulf flounder is a flatfish that swims on its side. Their two eyes look upward when swimming. They have sharp teeth, two eyes on one side, and have a white side.

The name flounder is used for several only distantly related species, though all are in the suborder Pleuronectoidei (families Achiropsettidae, Bothidae, Pleuronectidae, Paralichthyidae and Samaridae).

Gulf flounder lie on the bottom often partially covered by sand or mud waiting for a prey to come near and then strike suddenly.  Gulf flounder hatch with a typical fish form but the right eye migrates over to the left side early in life.

Gulf flounder are found inshore on sandy or mud bottoms and are often found in tidal creeks.  They may also be caught occassionally on nearshore rocky reefs.

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