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Sarasota Fishing Reports

Sarasota Fishing charter client with large SnookIn Sarasota area waters anglers can expect to see the return of good sized (Bull) Redfish at the end of month. However, slot sized tailing Red’s can be sight casted throughout this entire month. Gently worked soft plastics and flies can find there way into the lips of many Red’s during the winter months. Remember to always match the hatch, and with Red’s that means small crustaceans during this time of year. However, white bait has been running inshore late this year, so that presentation is still be working well.

Snook will also be tapering off – though still around, cooler waters means laid up and finicky. Watch for warm water run offs, pay attention to temperature increases throughout the day, and a strong incoming tide are all aspects to put on your side during this time of year for Snook. Just look at the recent catch in the pic.

Gator Trout will still be around and readily available to hit a variety of presentations. Again, these fish do like a good moving tide, but even deep pockets in an extreme low tide flat with a channel leading into it can be a great place to find these fish corralled up.

Also consider that some micro-poon will be around, again in a very finicky mind set, but keep them in mind during your next outing. I’d definitely go fly for these guys during this month as it offers the best presentation for these smaller Tarpon– given the cooler temps.

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Sarasota Seasonal Reports

Welcome to Captain Rob Gilberts seasonal Sarasota fishing report area. It is important to follow Sarasota fishing reports to get a good idea as to what to expect during certain times of the year when booking your charter with us. These reports can include what species is running or active at a certain time, how weather affects fishing strategy, and successful tips for all of our charter services.

Fishing Reports & Strategies

Summer Time Fishing Action

summer time fishing florida

With the heat of the summer cooking the water the yearly Tarpon migration comes into Sarasota with a force! Late summer Snook are loaded on the beaches chasing small bait.

Fall & Winter Fishing Heats Up

fall and winter fishing in florida

Redfish can be caught all year but as the water starts to cool large schools of Redfish can be found on the flats. These fish are either tailing or in large groups ambushing bait.

Spring Time Fishing

spring time fishing in florida

As the water starts to warm up Snook come out of the creeks and rivers and move onto the flats. Cobia move into the area piggybacking Rays and Manatees. Mackerel and False Albacore are running off the beaches in schools by the thousands.

If you would like to stay up to date with Sarasota fishing reports, trip reports, and industry news then head over to the Captain’s Log section for up to date reports.

As a Sarasota fishing guide, Rob understands that a day on the water means stalking the trophy fish of your dreams. Rob will work hard to make sure you have a fun filled day on the water and your time is not wasted.

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