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Sarasota Fishing

Inshore and beach area fishing along the Sarasota coast is amongst the best in the area. A multitude of sight casting and fly fishing opportunities, combined with a great opportunity for an inshore slam – means everyone should put Sarasota flats fishing on their wish list. You Can expect everything from super skinny water Redfish to channel pounding Gator Trout, and throw some monster Snook in the mix, it doesn’t get much better.

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Sarasota Fishing Guide

Sarasota Fishing Guide

Sarasota fishing charters Capt. Rob Gilbert hometown waters of Sarasota  is the place where he not only learned the ropes of guiding from his father and grandfather and where he learned to fling the fly at the age of 7, but it also one of the best fisheries that he guides in to this day. From grass flats, deeper cuts, mangroves, or  beachfront runs- An angler can expect any and every species of fish available in SW florida waters.

Flats Fishing

Light Tackle Fishing: On light tackle you will have a choice between live bait and artificial. For live bait you would be looking at white bait, shrimp, and small crabs. On artificial- top water, suspending twitch baits, soft plastics, and jigs can all have a fair share of success.

Fly Fishing

 Fly Fishing: For inshore fly fishing you would most likely utilize 7wt or 8wt gear. We recommend and utilize Clutch Fly Rods. A weight forward floating line and a tippet between 12-30lb can be used- with plenty of backing. A wide variety of flies will see success, but a standard clouser will attract the attention of a wide range of fish.

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Fishing: During the summer tarpon run in Sarasota you can expect a good number of opportunities to come your way. On spinning gear you can expect hits on both artificial and live baits, while the fly fisherman will see a jump from 7/8wt rods to 10/11wt fly rods and a stronger tippet.

Sarasota Fishing Map

Sarasota fishing map

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A Note From the Captain

Move into Sarasota Bay and you will find yourself moving across an amazing ecosystem. The flats of Sarasota Bay are mostly covered in turtle grass and oyster beds. In the deeper turtle grass fields you will find lots of Spotted Sea Trout lying and waiting to ambush their prey. Fly Fishing for one of these ambush feeders can be more difficult than it sounds.

Move into the shallower grass and oyster beds you will find Redfish. Sight casting a Redfish is one of the hardest yet most rewarding fish Sarasota Bay has to offer. During sunrise and sunset on a negative tide you will find Redfish tailing as they feed. During the day Redfish  tend to sit still hidden in the shallow grass. Finding these fish before they find you is hard enough, but once you find them making the perfect presentation with a fly or bait is key. If the fish decides to eat, just hold on for the drag screaming runs and rod tugging pulls. We hope you choose us to make your Sarasota Fishing trip a trip of a lifetime.

As a Sarasota fishing guide, Rob understands that a day on the water means stalking the trophy fish of your dreams. Rob will work hard to make sure you have a fun filled day on the water and your time is not wasted.

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