We all know how popular kayaking fishing has become and how it continues to grow at an incredible rate, so how to you set yourself apart? How do you take that extra step? How do you go more “hardcore”? By SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) fishing of course! Fishing from a SUP is becoming all the rage so of course SUP manufactures and kayak manufactures alike are targeting the market by making fishing specific boards. Anglers are catching everything from bass to sailfish from SUPs proving there are no limitations on what you can target.

So why fish from a SUP?

Well there are several advantages as well as disadvantages in doing so. One of the key advantages includes the ability to stand for a higher vantage point. Although fishing kayaks today are gearing more toward the concept of stand-and-fish, the SUP screams it. Add a rotomolded cooler to take your vantage point to the next level. This higher view point allows us anglers to see deeper and further into the water for spotting fish, giving us a huge advantage over our seated counterparts.

Fishing SUPDisadvantages are inevitable, so let’s not ignore the biggest when it comes to SUP fishing: lack of storage. SUPs typically come with little to no dry storage space, unlike fishing specific kayaks. Pair that with the wetness that SUP fishing brings and that could be in issue. Luckily there are ways to combat that. Attach dry boxes, coolers, bags, etc. and you’re then able to bring all your gear and then some. Unfortunately, all these accessories only add to the cost of your fishing vessel.

Deciding on a fishing SUP is a task all in itself. With numerous things to consider, it can be quite overwhelming, but hopefully I can help with a list of key features to look for. The material it is made out of is something you would want to consider carefully. The material dictates weight, speed and maneuverability. Hull design also plays a huge part in the way the board will paddle and respond. Secondly, storage. Like I said before, storage is lacking on SUPs, so look for features like bungees, tie down points and small hatches. These will come in quite handy when it comes time to outfit your new ride.

With the SUP fishing scene becoming increasingly popular, there are a growing number of purchasing options are a wide variety of price points. One such product is the Eddy-Gear Poseidon. This 12’ fishing SUP is a great buy that comes in right around the $1,000 mark. It boasts a fiberglass skin which keeps it light and has a v-nose design which keeps it cutting through the water with ease. Pair that with the rear skeg which aids in tracking, and you’re on your way to an effortless and straight paddle. Remember how I mentioned storage? Well the Poseidon comes equipped with Gear Trac, paddle storage, bungees at bow and stern plus multiple tie down points. Add just another $40 onto the price tag and they’ll even throw in a paddle and lean bar!

What are you waiting for? Join the SUP fishing revolution and be the envy of all your friends!